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If you are new to the game and need a guide for the very basics, click here. This person did a very good job of covering all the basics!!

Bakery Story Food Chart (New Prices)
List of all Bakery Story Recipe Details

Bakery Story Top 10 (New Prices) --This is a list of the most profitable foods to cook!
Bakery Story Top 10 (Old Prices)

BS Mastering Food Checklist

About Game Installation Goals  (I've listed the game install goal details at the end of this page)


Decor Unlocked:

Movie Goals 2013

Victorian Goals 2013

Christmas Edition 2012 --not really a special edition, just special Christmas goals & content

Halloween Edition 2012

World Games Edition 2012

Constructable Appliances Parts Requirements:

Recipes for Each Appliance:

Explanations & Guides:

Weekly Updates:

Valentine Edition 2012 (The goals for this edition are no longer available)
Game Installation Goals Details


  1. Is there any way to get more gems without having to buy them??

    1. There are sometimes goals that offer gems. Also, each recipe will give you 2 gems for mastering the recipe. You have to cook the recipe like 83 times to get to level 4. On level 2, you receive 1 gem and then you receive the 2nd gem on level 4 for a total of 2 gems per recipe. It is a lot of cooking, but it adds up!

    2. Yes, some goals require you to install an app, and receive 6 gems in return. If you cook a lot, you lvl up in the recipe. Mastering it will give you 2-3 (not sure which but one of the two) gems.

  2. @samiwami! hi sami i just love your blog i'm your neighbor MrspuddinCookie! in bakery story! can't wait till you post the new update info NY Bagels + the new big apple oven info with the Empire State Cookies, Taxi Cookies, and Liberty Cookies keep up the good work i'm a major supporter just wondering do you have a twitter? are a Facebook that your neighbors can add you on? if so let me know when you can + you should post to your neighbors on your wall! that don't know you have this lovely blog about it! it can help allot of people! hugs have a sweet baking day!

  3. Hey my ID is coolgirl8899 and I was wondering if you knew when the bakery story updates for kindle fire and kindle fire HD. Thank you!!

  4. Hey...I have a question if u can help me..what do I need to get candy hatchery..I want peeps! !--I tried d/l bakerystory, vValentine's story, and thanksgiving..still no hatchery:(
    .can u help..??--thx for any info..btw I'm on level 46!

    1. Hmm, that is very strange! Scroll to the very end of your appliances list and see if it is locked by another level by chance?

      I didn't think that was an appliance that we had to earn, but it could possibly have been an appliance that was locked by goal. Mine is only showing the ones I purchased and no way to purchase any additional ones. I think it may be unavailable right now.

      There is always a chance that they could bring it back with Easter content coming up soon.

  5. Thanks for this awesome guide! If I unlock an item, say a tile with seasonal goals, will I be able to buy that tile when the season is over? If I buy some, will I always have them even if I store them?

    1. Usually the seasonal items disappear after a set time unless you purchase the items. So if you purchase 20 of that tile, then when the items disappear at the end of the season, you will still have those 20 tiles, but you won't be able to purchase any more than that.

  6. Hi can anyone tell me why I can't get the motherly oven or the lucky oven? I started playing before 2 of my friends and they can get them the only difference is that I play on the hudl and they play on a kindle fire and a I pad ✴✴✴✴