Friday, January 27, 2012

Bakery Story: Valentine Edition

I just installed Bakery Story: Valentine Edition 2012 and am very excited to get started on it! There is so much pink and red cuteness in this version & lots of new recipes and decor items to unlock by the goals.

New Limited Time Romantic Picnic, pretty adorable, but not worth 34 Gems to me:

Now some of the other decor items are definitely going to end up in my bakery!!
Chocolate Box Table
8 Gems

Love Balloons
50,000 Coins

Jar of Hearts
25,000 Coins

Romantic Picnic -limited item, 3 days only
34 Gems

Heart Planter
12 Gems

Forget Me Nots
18 Gems

Fancy Hearts Wallpaper
3,000 Coins

Heart Tile
1 Gem per square

Chocolate Bar Counter - I really wish this was for coins because they are so cute!!!
10 Gems

Valentine Chest
24 Coins

I already added some of the new Fancy Hearts wallpaper. I think it looked really cute along with the green:

There are also LOTS of goals already popped up for this one! I am going to outline each of them separately.


  1. Hi how do I update Bakery Story to Valentine version ? I don't have Exacto Scallopes ,and can't ask for ingredients just parts .

    1. You have to download it from the app store. The valentine edition is a different application.

  2. Is this available for kindle users? Please let me know asap! Thanks!