Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Bakery Story Goals: Loretta's Recipe Share

I have been slowly but surely completing the new goals on Bakery Story. You can find the goals under the clipboard icon on the left side of the screen. I am unsure if the goals are available for androids, but they are available on the iPhone version. If you don't have them, you might want to check for a new game update. I seem to remember updating my game version within the last month or so.

With these new goals, there is a new appliance called the Classic Bread Oven. I am unsure of what else the goals will produce, but the oven is pretty neato! I will post about it in a separate post.

I made a bit of a boo-boo and accidentally deleted some of the goal screen caps!! So my screen caps of the goals just start in the middle of doing some goals. There were goals before the ones I am going to post the details for, so if you start with different goals, you know why mine are different. That means you will just get to these ones later on in your goal playing ;)

Loretta's Recipe Share Requirements:
  • Visit 5 Bakeries, can skip for 5 Gems.
  • Leave 15 Tips, can skip for 5 Gems.
Rewards for completing this goal:
5,000 Coins
10 XP

This appears once this goal is completed:

When Loretta's Recipe Share is complete, two new goals appear:
The Long Haul
Great Minds Bake Alike

^Click on the goal names above to go see the details now!

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