Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Food Replicator Recipes (RS)

The new Food Replicator has 3 recipes in it. The recipe details are below. This appliance is a constructable.

To see the parts requirement for the Food Replicator, click here!

Star Pizza
Takes 6 Hours
Costs 600 Coins
Earns 2,100 Coins and 68 XP

Sun Cake
Takes 8 Hours
Costs 660 Coins
Earns 2,400 Coins and 88 XP
Serves 600

Atomic Cookies
Takes 10 Hours
Costs 700 Coins
Earns 2,700 Coins and 111 XP
Serves 675

Here are some Star Pizzas being cooked:

Here are the Star Pizzas after they are done cooking:

Here is a Sun Cake being cooked:

Here are some Atomic Cookies being cooked:

Here, the Atomic Cookies and Sun Cake are ready to be served:

Here is the finished Sun Cake:

Here are the finished Atomic Cookies:

Here is a finished Sun Cake:

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